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With great joy, I present the humanitarian work of nation building through ‘Creative Hands’. It is a selfless initiative and majority of our members involved in the charitable projects are voluntary. ‘Creative Hands’ is a registered non profit organization in Nepal, which is powered by motivated individuals, who are trying to make a difference. ‘Creative Hands’ will address burning issues like eradicating poverty, building schools, providing safe drinking water, emphasize on rural education, 

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As Good health can perform better for the development of individual task or can perform well for the development of the country. So, every individuals of the respected country may require good health facilities. Nepal being a developing country the government itself cannot perform well to the field for the better life of the individuals. So there are many organizations who were working to provide good health to the people among them

Creative Hands is also one of the care takers of those people who do not get well health awareness. Children and women’s from underprivileged section of society is one of the prime concerns of Creative Hands. We provide counseling on health and hygiene, family planning, provides sex education in the rural areas for usages of condoms and safe sex with assistance with local government health related organizations.

Nepal being filled with many rural areas there lacks infrastructure facilities which are the main need of people. Due to this, people at different places are suffering from different diseases. Thus, providing health facilities at that place is our aim. Organizing free health camps, free health checkup and also establishing health posts. Making their life healthier and easier is our main concern and mission.