Message from the founder

With great joy, I present the humanitarian work of nation building through ‘Creative Hands’. It is a selfless initiative and majority of our members involved in the charitable projects are voluntary. ‘Creative Hands’ is a registered non profit organization in Nepal, which is powered by motivated individuals, who are trying to make a difference. ‘Creative Hands’ will address burning issues like eradicating poverty, building schools, providing safe drinking water, emphasize on rural education, 

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Nepal is developing country with one of the landlocked countries with the highest Mount Everest and the birth place of Lord Buddha where around 80% of people depend on agriculture and around 24.8% people of Nepal live below extreme poverty line. So, creative Hands a non-profitable, non-governmental organization in assist to raise their living standard by arranging them better place for education as well as to build school buildings in rural areas of Nepal.

Education is one of the neediest things which provide lights to the inner soul to move one’s life in better way. So, everyone of this world should be provided by good education for his/her better life from which the world can be the better home for all the people of the world. We the creative hands mainly believe to promote and catalyze education among children, women’s from underprivileged section of society.

The main aim is to being that education should lead their life’s to change not only in the amount of knowledge gained but also in the abilities to do, to perform for his/her future needs. Due to different political and non-political problems still the rural and remote areas of Nepal were lacking with different facilities in which education is also one of them. So, Creative Hands help to facilitate them in any way which is possible. We make people to cooperate with each other from which the receiver or the provider also gets warm benefit and satisfaction.

This list is divided into supply-side (providing supplies, buildings or teacher training) and demand-side (helping to motivate school attendance) interventions.

Supply Interventions

  • School building: building classrooms or buildings for government-run schools, and build and run schools themselves.
  • Teacher training: training new teachers and upgrade the skills of established teachers.
  • Pre-primary schools: running schools for children ages 3-6 to prepare them for primary school.
  • Textbooks and supplies: providing textbooks, and everything from pencils to chalkboards to uniforms and shoes.
  • Computers: funding computers in classrooms in schools and provide out-of-school computer training classes.
  • Libraries: building school- and community-based libraries.

For this to be implemented we need your voluntary inputs and support. If you are interested in supporting, sponsorship Schools in rural Nepal, please email us at and our representative will contact you.