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With great joy, I present the humanitarian work of nation building through ‘Creative Hands’. It is a selfless initiative and majority of our members involved in the charitable projects are voluntary. ‘Creative Hands’ is a registered non profit organization in Nepal, which is powered by motivated individuals, who are trying to make a difference. ‘Creative Hands’ will address burning issues like eradicating poverty, building schools, providing safe drinking water, emphasize on rural education, 

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Donating Stationery

Donating Stationery

Donating stationery to schools in need

Ghalegaun is an exotic pristine village endowed with an unparallel scenic grandeur and a home of Ghales, the famed Gurungs and the legendary mid-hill people (also known as Gurkhas) of western Nepal. Located in the Northern part of Lamjung District, in Uttar Kanya VDC, Ghale Gaun is approximately 205km North West of Kathmandu and 125 km north east of Pokhara and is situated approximately 2070 meters from the sea level.

Ghalegaun village is rich in natural beauty and its warm hospitality, still the village is back ward in education sector many youths are going aboard in search of better life and higher education. We Creative Hands in association with village tourism development committee is going to provide Stationary kits like Books and pens during 15th Ghalegaun Festival for the students of Ghale Uttarkanya Lower Secondary School, Ghalegaun, Lamjungwhere around 60 students are currently studying in different level.

Overall description:

Our school, Ghale Uttarkanya Lower Secondary School, Ghalegaun, Lamjung, is seeking to donate stationery (mainly pencils and copies) to a school in need. We are currently still gathering our donations and will continue for the next 2 weeks. We are aiming for a piece or more of stationery from each of the 60 students. We require assistance in transporting the donation as well as finding a school or education institute in need. We are unsure of customs and laws so we would require information on what stationery is acceptable. We would love to assist children in need and looking for any support. While our children can learn about, communicate with and support with donations in the future. Please contact us as soon as possible.

Partnership types: Provision of goods
Global issues: Education and training
Quantity: We are seeking to raise approx. 100-500 pieces of stationery.
Cost Value of stationary: US$150 (Approx.: NPR 140000)
Location: Ghalegaun, Lamjung, Nepal.
Organization Name: Ghale Uttarkanya Lower Secondary School
Students: 60 (Male & Female)