Message from the founder

With great joy, I present the humanitarian work of nation building through ‘Creative Hands’. It is a selfless initiative and majority of our members involved in the charitable projects are voluntary. ‘Creative Hands’ is a registered non profit organization in Nepal, which is powered by motivated individuals, who are trying to make a difference. ‘Creative Hands’ will address burning issues like eradicating poverty, building schools, providing safe drinking water, emphasize on rural education, 

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Donate For Children

Donate For Children

Help Children – Make a Donation to Nepal Children’s Charity, Caring for orphans in children’s home, supporting them in their education and providing job skills training while showing them the only true God.

In Nepal there are many orphan houses, approximately 90% of the children come from Hindu families and background. Our primary goal is to share the love, freedom, provide foods, clothes and Creative Hands of modernization and consumerism have overrun every culture they have encountered. It also changes the lives of children.

These children are precious. There are hundreds at the School and Orphanage, and thousands more who could be accommodated for only $10 a month.

Creative Hands is sponsoring as many children as donations will allow. It takes only a small amount of money to do a large amount of good.

People who donate were facilitates with the following:

  • Certificate of appreciation from Creative Hands
  • Free newsletter for every Creative Hands projects and causes
  • You will be listed as a lifetime member at our portal as donor /contributor