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With great joy, I present the humanitarian work of nation building through ‘Creative Hands’. It is a selfless initiative and majority of our members involved in the charitable projects are voluntary. ‘Creative Hands’ is a registered non profit organization in Nepal, which is powered by motivated individuals, who are trying to make a difference. ‘Creative Hands’ will address burning issues like eradicating poverty, building schools, providing safe drinking water, emphasize on rural education, 

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Disabled People

Disabled People

Nepali society still views disability as a penance to the sins committed in previous births. The people with disabilities pare treated worst as an object of pity. People with disabilities are hided as the matter of social prestigious by families is still practiced largely. The notion that people with disabilities have equal rights and duty as any other individual, is largely absent from the popular mindset.

There is no comprehensive data on disability in Nepal. Even the number of people with disabilities varies according to sources. As per the estimation 7-10 percent of the total population in Nepal is the people with disabilities in one form or in other way. Five categories of the people with disabilities: visually impaired, hearing impaired, physically disabled, mentally retired and mentally disordered is recognized by the Government of Nepal. Rights of all people with disabilities to participate fully in society have not been practiced by the state. In terms of health, accessibility, education, economy, and employment opportunities people with disabilities are treated as second-class citizens.

A research has indicated that most of the disabled persons (69.3%) depend upon support from their family members. Having a disabled person posed problems in most (90.5%) of the households. The difficulties they faced were mostly related to the inability of the disabled persons to work and taking care of the disabled persons, like teaching new task or having to leave the disabled persons alone.

Moreover, still a large number of the disabled persons have not got any kind of treatment. This could be due to lack of knowledge and awareness that impairment can be treated. It could also be because the family does not have the resources, or because the health facilities do not function properly and staff does not know about disability.

Similarly, according to the finding of New Era most of disabled persons have no education (68.2%) as compared to the general population, where 4.8 percent have no education. The literacy rate is considerably lower for females than males, with 77.7 percent of the females and 59.6 percent of the males having no education.

So, Creative Hands is there to help out these disable persons to lead their life with full of energetic way in which they do not feel as they are disable we make them proud to be like able person.